Reglazing Saves Time And Money

Now that you’ve decided to go with reglazing, as opposed to replacing, here are some ways AAA Reglazers will save you time and money: We are devoted to the resurfacing of enamel, ceramic, and fiberglass bathtubs. We resurface sinks and ceramic tiles. You are able to save hundreds by resurfacing rather than replacing your sinks, […]

How Reglazing Your Tile Can Increase Your Home’s Value

If the tiles in your home look old, dull and faded then it may be time for a replacement but before heading to the tile store, be sure to consider all your options. Refinishing your tiles is a great way to increase the value of your home without having to install new materials. There are […]

Reglazing Your Bathtub Can Give Your Bathroom A Great Look

Reglazing your tub, tile, or sink is a great way to update the look and give it a fresh clean appearance.  If you are tired of looking at a dingy, scratched, stained tub or sink consider having it reglazed. Following are some of the reasons.  First of all, when you decide to reglaze your tub/sink […]